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Each month, filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss produces "ArtScene" a monthly video web series with short segments on artists, galleries, and museums in the Hudson Valley. In conjunction with our show of Chronogram covers at Keegan Ales in Kingston this month (opening reception Friday, December 4, 6 to 8pm), we're revisiting some of our favorite cover artist videos, as well as a new segment with editor Brian K. Mahoney about the magazine's 20-plus years of cover art.

The Covers Show

In advance of the fifth installment of the peripatetic Chronogram Covers Show at Keegan Ales this month, editor Brian K. Mahoney talks with Stephen Blauweiss about the hundreds of artists that have been featured on the cover of Chronogram since 1993. "The cover of Chronogram is proof positive of the artistic vitality of the Hudson Valley," says Mahoney. "Showcasing the work of artists each month—from established ones like Martin Puryear and Giselle Potter to emerging talents like Thomas Smith and Keith Carollo—is an honor and a privilege. Chronogram is involved in an ongoing process of art curation in the region, and our 200+ covers, viewed in a gallery setting, represent the last 22 years of Hudson Valley art history."

Molly Rausch: Stamp Act

Molly Rausch is a postage stamp artist. Don't misunderstand: She is not in the employ of the United States Postal Service. Rausch uses stamps as a jumping off point for miniature paintings that surround the original image. It's a mischievous mimicry, akin to what children do when they stare at a painting and imagine what's beyond its edges. In Rausch's case, her technical acumen takes the appropriation way beyond mere child's play. Rausch's Penguins appeared on the January 2014 cover of the magazine.

Steven Siegel: Evolutionary Artist

Siegel works in the Land Art tradition of James Turrell and Robert Smithson, and worked as an assistant to site-specific artist Michael Singer in graduate school. Siegel has created site-specific works out of various materials besides paper, including glass, plastic bottles, discarded electronics, aluminum car parts, grass, and bespoke Italian sneakers. Siegel's Hands appeared on the January 2015 cover of the magazine.

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