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Art of Business: Woodstock Healing Arts




Woodstock Healing Arts practitioners offer modalities from holistic gynecology, integrative psychotherapy, and acupuncture to cooling chair massages with peppermint oil administered by a second-generation masseuse who trained at the Swedish Institute. Services are made as available as possible to all income levels—the massages are by donation, community acupuncture sessions are held at greatly reduced rates; various workshops, such as "Eat Your Invasives," holistic addiction and recovery, "What is Tiredness?," and financial wellness with "Moolah Doula" Joanne Leffeld, are moderately priced.

"A lot of us are people who grew up here or have been here a long time and have practices downstate, love Woodstock, and wanted to practice here, too. Just like artists want out of the city, so do healers. But we couldn't base a community center around $500-an-hour sessions," says acupuncturist and founder Ben Fleisher. "Many local teachers have insurance that covers acupuncture, which is great. And we offer as much to the community as we possibly can."

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