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Art of Business: My Analyst Told Me...


Barbara Boris knew there had to be more to life than the corporate art world, but until her first voyage to India, she'd thought she might become a doctor. "It was '94, the art boom had busted, and I was seeing a therapist like any good Californian in New York," Boris recalls. "And I told him about the opportunity to go to India and study yoga more. He said, 'Go!' very definitely and forcefully. I'd never even been to Mexico. I was 35 years old, sitting on this plane, wondering, 'Do I even like Indian food?'"

Twenty-two years later, when a local publication published a roundup of Woodstock yoga studios without including the lively, warm, and eclectic ashram she's founded in the heart of town, one of over two dozen letters from readers compared it to omitting the Smithsonian from a roundup of museums in Washington, DC.

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