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You'd expect special things at the Woodstock Music Shop, and you'd be right. Beyond guitars and drumsticks, you'll find dobros, mandolins, ukuleles, and all that goes with them. There's a "lifestyle" section that includes music-themed barbecue tools and the Chill Baby line of teethers and pacifiers designed to soothe your rugrat while making him or her appear to have a moustache, goatee, or panic button. There are professional-grade mikes and turntables and the Vinyl Vault which houses thousands of selections—but what to do with old vinyl records too battered for resale?

Art, of course. "We price a lot of vinyl and we see a lot that's scratched or warped, so we bought a CNC [computer numerical control] router, and we make all kinds of images and cut whatever we want," says co-owner Jenn Harrigfeld. "We make peace symbols, Volkswagens, butterflies. I love the reuse aspect, and people are loving it. We just had an order last night for 21 rockets for a rocket-themed car club."

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