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Arrowood Farms Opens Tasting Room in New Paltz

Accord farm-to-pint brewery now serving beer at Arrowood Outpost


The Village of New Paltz is known for its bars and farm-to-table restaurants. From Bacchus and Huckleberry to Main Course and the Village Tea Room, there are plenty of places to drink and eat locally-grown treats.

This artisanal food and drink culture makes New Paltz the perfect location for Arrowood Farms’ second tasting room. In January, the Hudson Valley farm-to-pint brewery opened Arrowood Outpost on the corner of Main and Church Street in New Paltz. [Read our feature about Arrowood and the area's other farm-to-pint breweries.]

“The Outpost is an extension of our farm Brewery in Accord,” says cofounder and managing partner Blake Arrowood. Indeed every aspect of the new space is a miniaturized iteration of the flagship taproom from the board-and-baton cedar siding and black metal roof outside to the pastel plaster walls within. “We wanted to create a space in New Paltz where we could expose people to our craft, products we grow on our farm as well as other local farms,” Arrowood says.

The Outpost’s location, which previously housed Rhino Records in New Paltz, under Barner Books, has been transformed. It’s simple, well-lit, and has a large back area away from the bar to sit and relax. In the spring, the Outpost will add outdoor seating to double its capacity.
“When my business partner, Jake, and I first saw [the space], it immediately reminded us of the Old World places in Belgium,” Arrowood says. “It's got a subterranean feel being partially underground with exposed stone and bedrock.”

The modest bar greets visitors right as they walk in the door. Chalkboards hang on the back wall, listing a selection of Brotherhood wines. Arrowood also offers snacks, including popcorn, local cheeses, and cured meats.

But the main attractions are the eight craft beers on draft. Each one has its own, distinguishable taste. From copper and brown ales to a honey porter, there’s something for everyone.

The Nitro Pick, for example, has a smooth, deep coffee-taste. On the other hand, the Rising Smoke smoked lager is a traditional, German “rauchbier” with a New York twist. (“Rauchbier,” means “smoked beer” in German). Arrowood Farm smokes New York State-sourced barley over local cherrywood and uses German noble hops for a beer with a flavorful umami kick, strangely reminiscent of smoked gouda.

“One of our big focuses is not only growing the hops and the grain but also sourcing our ingredients from within New York State,” Arrowood says.

Arrowood Outpost also offers the natural, bright-tasting Villager kosch and Weekend IPA. “Mohonk IPA and The Villager have been bestsellers,” Arrowood said. “We also rotate seasonals throughout the year.”

A guest star on tap is the sweet, crisp Stone Ridge Orchard hard cider.

The brewery’s newest addition will be the Farmhouse Table Beers collection. The farm uses cascade hops and yeast harvested from its own bee apiary. The beers are nine months in the making and will be ready for limited release beginning in March.

Arrowood Outpost is open Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1-9pm and Friday and Saturday from 1-11pm.

Read more about Arrowood Farm Brewery in Accord and the local farm-to-pint movement. The Accord tasting room reopens on March 2.

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