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For June 2013


Last Updated: 01/25/2019 11:31 am

Most of what we experience in life is shaped by how safe we feel. Those who feel safe also feel confident. They consume less energy on fear, and as a result have more to invest in creativity, productive work, and loving experiences. What is interesting about experiencing safety and confidence is that it improves with practice rather than with external reasons or rationales to feel a certain way. It's worth practicing, especially now that the planets are moving one by one into a position that makes it easier than it's been in quite a while. When you tune your emotional body to a space of harmony and empathy, you get different results than if you are practicing competition or fear as your daily yoga. Events this month can take you on a journey into a grounded, confident space, and give you a model for how to feel stable there. With each passing event, you can go a little deeper into the calm assurance that you belong in your home, your community and in the world at this time. This is something you can commit to as a conscious choice, then gradually teach yourself and improve your skill, learning what thoughts, communication patterns, and ways of connecting emotionally foster your sense of safety. If questions arise, they are most likely to focus on identifying and letting go of emotional thought forms that no longer serve you. Let them go and you will liberate space and energy for what is beautiful, good, and true.

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