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For April 2011


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Aries (March 20-April 19)
Two questions for you: What do you really want to be doing, and what do you think is stopping you from doing it? The first involves your volition, your sense of potential and whether you feel like you can make a decision about it. The other involves what you perceive as an obstacle in your way. Let’s handle them one at a time. It looks like you know what you want, and you feel like you’re in a position to create it. Your will power and sense of drive seem to be at an all-time high. You may even mistrust your own impulses, but you know what you want and it’s true that you’ve waited long enough. Yet you seem to have an idea that some external circumstance is holding you back. It looks like a relationship. Indeed, it looks like the usual human paradox of having two different things, a relationship and a life. This comes with the idea that you may not be able to reconcile the two. Yet at a certain point you have to be yourself no matter what you think someone else’s expectations may be; that’s another way of saying you are free to not use that as an excuse. Anyone who loves you loves you as you are. On the deepest level this is not about a relationship at all; it’s about you having the self-respect to live honestly.

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