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For June 2012


Last Updated: 08/09/2019 5:21 pm

Within the context of the rare, beautiful astrological events of this month, your job is to devote yourself to the quality of your work. You may feel a drive to innovation, leadership, invention, or otherwise stirring the pot—though what your chart suggests is that you work calmly and steadily on specific, focused projects. Said another way, ground yourself in your goals, processes, and methods. Focus on the details. You will have the occasion to work through certain blockages or obstacles, which may seem to be in your environment. I recognize that I'm not describing a glorious role, despite the fact that all eyes will be on the Sun, an object closely related to your sign. Your influence will come from your awareness and your ability to remain calm and go deep. That is the kind of leadership that you're being called to. It's the kind that involves intelligence, persistence, tenacity, and foresight. There is a measure of self-direction that you're being called to initiate, and you may be the one who gets to solve a problem that is too annoying or seemingly intractable for anyone else to work out. You're doing this all the better if you feel invisible through the experience. The point is that this is not about you. You have a role, and by all indications it's an integral one. Yet you can only accomplish this properly if you drop back and work with the full presence of your mind with no interference from your ego.

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