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Aries (March 20-April 19) for August 2015



To express oneself boldly and freely does not always feel free. Often there is work involved. Yet this is different than ordinary toil or effort, because it’s possible to experience time in a much lighter way—to get lost in one’s work. Really that expression is opposite what it means, which is to find oneself in one’s work. That’s what I suggest you do, and what I think your soul is calling for. Remember as well that expression is introspective, at least initially. That thing you’re expressing is yourself, which calls you into yourself to make contact with this seemingly elusive aspect of existence. You may decide that there’s something specific that you want or need to do. There may be a connection between your impulse to heal yourself and to have an experience of yourself and also to make or say something. Follow that focus. As you do, you may encounter the specific resistance, judgment or deception that has, in the past, prevented you from feeling, being or speaking what you truly are. This may feel like something that was “installed” in you, and getting yourself free may feel like bypassing or better still, dismantling or uninstalling it. The mere fact that you are allowing yourself to try means that you don’t have full faith in its power to control you. Keep unraveling, and feeling, and expressing.

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