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Last Updated: 08/07/2013 4:25 pm
I would like to liken the poem its construction
“cutting it out” (Olson) of the space the con
fines of a sheet of Southwork paper by me
or someone better equipped to do the job
to the incident this afternoon on the way to
the park sack slung over right shoulder filled
with the incidence of moving along the road
bare chested belly sucked in beltless at one
point passing six men two trucks their tools
grimaces the ledge behind the back seat of
one an old GMC pickup lined with beer
bottles empties by their look rattling to a
stop beside the hole where the new water
main installation had been completed
days before measuring the scene its
consequences potential kineticisms
between their fingers the air the metallic
thrump spades unloaded shovels picks
scraping the rear gate lowered a gray
coarse batter coming to life spilling
the edges gritty the fingers whitening
defining form troweling off the finishing
touches stepping back at arms length
the worth of it a new place to place
your foot.

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