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(January 20-February 19)


You may be feeling like you have too much responsibility and not enough in the way of personal resources to support what you have to do.  This can include money, though I am really talking about inner resources of the emotional and spiritual kind. I can see why you would feel that way; yet I can also see that you have many hidden resources that you may not have discovered yet. These might manifest as energy, ideas, or strength that you can access if you want. The key thing to remember is that they are there waiting for you. To find them, you must go underneath your outer circumstances and make contact with the underlying nature of your situation. This should not be hard—the dimension where this information and energy reside is bursting with life, wanting your attention, if only you would turn it there. You may have the sensation that you would evoke chaos or tap into something that you don't really want to know about, though I assure you that this is life-giving information. If there is chaos, that's the thing that provides the fuel for your strength and creativity. Think of it this way: You face no situation for which you lack resources. It's a matter of having some faith, making contact, and making use of what you discover.

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