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January 20-February 19



Rather than project your values onto a "cause" or going overboard to express your devotion to a relationship, I suggest you take an even bolder step: embody what matters to you the most. We all know the human tendency to have high ideals in some abstract dimension—and those born under your sign are especially susceptible. You can apply this to any desire to become a better person, or the notion that you will accomplish something great in the future. I suggest you skip the whole "becoming" thing and go right into being. This may seem like a leap, but really, it's a kind of un-leap. Try gathering your existence, your values, your desires into the present moment and noticing how you feel, and where you are. I know you may be experiencing a powerful need to lead by example, which implies demonstrating a level of certainty. I would propose that certainty is the last thing you want now, and the last thing that's in the stars. You are however in a moment of dancing with some rich, fertile uncertainty, which will do more to nourish you than any goal setting or devotion to anything outside yourself. Stay with the feeling and have faith what it will give birth to, in each moment as you live it.

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