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For June 2011


Last Updated: 02/27/2019 4:21 pm
It’s not easy being an Aquarius. Half the time you feel like you’re from the future, living in a world where next to nothing makes sense. There are plenty of other moments when you feel like you have to hide how smart you are, because most people just don’t want to know what you know. They have that whole ‘don’t make me think’ thing and they may not recognize the expression on your face when you look at them wondering what their problem is. Okay, so much for them. What you are about to embark on is a rather long phase of being comfortable in your knowledge. In a sense, you’re going to be living in your knowledge, and like it there. One way this might manifest is not being so annoyed by how little people want to know, and another way is being happy that you not only know so much, you’re even curious to know more. Right now it’s less important what you do with your vast inner library and more important that you tend to it, keep it clear and somewhat organized and most of all, recognize its value to your existence. Knowledge is a living thing, like a plant. It needs to be loved, watered, pruned, and it needs the right amount of light. You, as a human, need company; the place you call home is the place to welcome those who recognize your intelligence for what it is, which is to say, who recognize you for who you are.

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