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Aquarius for February 2016

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)



Whatever you're doing or working to succeed at, turn your soft side to the community. You are in one of those phases where you must be gritty and serious in order to get the job done, to establish yourself or to go to the next level. But make sure the public aspect of what you're doing is all compassion and empathy. Think of Fred Rogers, who was at once the central figure in "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and at the same time one of the pioneers of both public television and children's television. On camera, people met Mr. Rogers, the gentle and kindly friend to the kids. Off camera, people had to work with a shrewd developer, director, and businessman. He never confused the two roles, and you would be wise to know which scenario you are in at any given time. What you're doing requires an all-wheel-drive, brass bolts (and perhaps balls) approach. Yet community relations is where you will actually make contact, and your skill will determine the degree of success you are able to attain. Work on this as a special topic, and develop it as a distinct skill. Study people who are very, very good at it and learn everything you can. When you write for the public, make sure you rewrite until your message and presentation are smooth, clear, and authentic.


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