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Aquarius for December 2014



Aquarius (January 20-February 19)

Don't let the pressure get to you. Keep your sense of humor. Get as much of your work out of the way before the holidays as you can, and give yourself a little space to live and breathe. Make sure that you plan plenty of time alone, get enough sleep as if it's as important as oxygen or food. You are processing a lot. By that I mean that many of the revelations of past years are starting to make sense to you. Their truth and relevance is catching up with you and you are catching up with them. Yet this may be overwhelming, and I would propose that you need a vent. It might be a creative vent, an erotic one, or some time-shifting experience that helps you shift your context. Remember this if the inner pressure gets to be too much. While it's also true that you have many worldly responsibilities at the moment, that is about to shift, and shift suddenly. You will still possess your influence, your insight, and your modes of participation, but the burden of responsibility and perhaps of leadership is about to let up. I suggest you move with that, which for you will be a matter of trust. You have accomplished a lot the past two years, and I suggest you reflect on that with some true appreciation.


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