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Aquarius: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for April 2018



AQUARIUS (January 20–February 19)

Yours is, somewhat famously, the sign associated with inventors, inventions, and technology. That's another way of saying that Aquarius is one of the signs most associated with ideas. This appears astrologically for you as Aries, the sign of identity, in your 3rd solar house of ideas. You are your ideas; you cannot help yourself. Others may think you're into abstractions and concepts for their own sake, but they are like food and water to you. Later this month, Chiron will make its first foray into Aries since the late 1960s. Your experience of life as mind as idea as invention will find a new peak and, in particular, a point of focus. Here is a clue: apart from any intellectual pursuit you may spark up, or deepen, the 3rd house is also about your community. It has its origins in describing the little cluster of homes that starts as a family farm and then becomes a hamlet and then a village. This is not community as in all the nurses of the world or people on a Facebook group; this is the community where you can walk around, open doors, and visit people face-to-face. It's the community that can have potluck dinners and Scrabble night or contra dancing, or a political event; a community that can get together and solve a vexing problem requiring the brainpower of intelligent people.

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