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April Astrology Forecast: "Sharing is Caring": A Lifehack for Success



A cosmic revolution in American consumer consciousness is underway as the lunar nodes transit though the regions of our national natal chart governing "things we share with others" and "things that belong to me."

Fundamental changes are afoot over the next two years—"battle lines being drawn, nobody's right if everybody's wrong" isn't simply a refrain from a '60's protest anthem but the leitmotif of the currently emerging culture wars. April's planetary powers come to teach us that polarized partisanship means very little when rising tides lift all boats and a perfect storm sinks each one of them. How obvious is it yet that we're all in this together? The New Moon in Aries on April 6 beckons our inner child into the Garden of Eden, where cherubim with flaming swords bar the way for cynical, world-weary grownups who may not enter. The Full Moon at the final degree of Libra on March 19 falls on Good Friday, a day imbued with the very essence of the extremes to which unconditional love will go to prove itself real.

Ultimately, it is our ability to share resources and establish intimacies with others which build relationships, both communal and personal. It is these relationships which will save us—not isolating ourselves in sterile safe rooms or behind backlit screens. Relationships are what makes us human and our humanity is what redeems us—not chasing the dragon of an unattainable, impossibly perfectionistic divinity.

April's message is about seeing yourself as a glorious individual who is part of an enormous, complicated cosmic dance. You've come to play a poignant, nuanced, triumphant, Oscar-winning part and April's gift is the understanding that healthy self-respect is the key to successfully playing well with others. "Sharing is caring" isn't just a feel-good slogan but a necessary, nourishing important lifehack.

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