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Tease and Sympathy


Last Updated: 02/17/2019 11:14 am

Andy Borowitz isn't exactly sure what he and WAMC's "Roundtable" host will be discussing when the humorist graces the stage at the Bardavon in Poughkeepsie on December 12. "Joe Donahue will be interviewing me. So I assume I will mainly be making fun of Joe," wrote Borowitz via e-mail.

Borowitz's has accumulated millions of readers with his blog "The Borowitz Report," which the New Yorker acquired in July. In this daily column, Borowitz puts his own satirical twist on current events. A post from November 5, the day before the recent election, contains the following "official argument" from the Republican Party: "We're strongly opposed to FEMA and health care, but basically OK with rape."

As "America's satire king" ("Daily Beast"), Borowitz is able to poke fun at the political world, providing readers with a daily dose of laughter. "As Will Rogers said, 'There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you,'" says Borowitz.

In September, Borowitz was contacted by Joe Donahue. As the vice president of news and programming for WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Donahue felt that with Borowitz's "cool" background (Harvard Lampoon alum, screenwriter for "The Facts of Life," creator of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") he was more than qualified to help raise money for one of three annual fundraisers conducted by WAMC. "We try to think of things that will get people to donate and things that we can think of that will be interesting," says Donahue. "And this time I thought that Andy would be a great choice. He's a perfect match for our listeners."

Along with his intimidating scroll of accomplishments, Borowitz is now also a New York Times bestseller. Earlier this year he completed his first autobiographical work, a memoir titled An Unexpected Twist, documenting a life-threatening intestinal blockage. (Borowitz has suggested a follow-up volume of life lessons: "Tuesdays with My Colon.") The book's breezy tone and numerous scatological jokes belie its gravity, taking readers on a hilarious and harrowing personal journey.

This is the first time WAMC has chosen a comedian for its fundraising and Donahue feels the audience will not be disappointed. Since both are at-home with the format of an interview, Donahue plans to throw as many topics as he can at Borowitz and let him run wild. The most obvious topics will be politics, including the election and current events, or as Donahue called them, "the usual suspects." Those attending the show more than likely know what they're in for: a night of witty remarks, snarky humor, and anything and everything that comes to Borowitz's mind. Responses will be unfiltered and Donahue is eager to hear what Borowitz will have to say. "I hope [the audience] will see what a damaged person I am and be more sympathetic toward me going forward," said Borowitz.

Andy Borowitz will perform on stage at the Bardavon on December 12 at 7pm. Tickets are $50 and are available exclusively through WAMC. (800) 323-9262.

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