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Parting Shot: An Untitled Photograph by Will Nixon



When asked about the photograph that will be running in the March issue of Chronogram (see above), the first thing Will Nixon says is: "I am not a photographer." It's true. He's a writer. The Kingston-based author of Love in the City of Grudges and My Late Mother as a Ruffed Grouse, recently published an updated version of A Pocket Guide to Woodstock (Bushwhack Books) with illustrations by Loel Barr. Nixon didn't start taking photographs until a few years ago, when he purchased his first iPhone.

Nixon's photographs take two main tacks. One variety involves selfies in which he wears a crow mask, like an avian Cindy Sherman. This interest led him to a lecture in January at Hudson Valley MoCA in Peekskill by Marcy B. Freedman on art and identity. On his way back to his car, Nixon saw an opportunity to engage his other photographic interest: taking photographs of reflections on his car. The trick to this, Nixon says, is to find tall buildings. "I need to park the car beneath something fairly tall, so it reflects on the car hood and I'm taking the picture of the reflection." The church steeple in Peekskill fit the bill perfectly. The man walking past was just a bonus.

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