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Album Review: Various Artists | Save the Mountain



Various Artists | Save the Mountain


In 1981, when Minnewaska Preserve was jeopardized by commercial development and lawsuits, the golden hearts of Hudson Valley music banded together in protest, their urgent cries ringing through the mountains in song. Kurt Henry, Michael Klein, and Hali Hammer hosted a folk collaboration at Woodstock's legendary Joyous Lake with dozens of participants, followed by a vinyl recording, Save the Mountain. And save it they did: The majestic oaks, rocky summits, and pristine waters have since remained uncorrupted for their grandchildren. A digital rerelease of the recording recently emerged and a live 40th-anniversary concert was planned for this year, but pandemic circumstances moved the celebration to Radio Woodstock WDST. The official digitally rereleased original album can be found in its entirety on YouTube. Classic guitar folk, powerhouse piano blues, a touch of sitar, dozens of soaring choral voices, and an eloquent spoken word piece are among the findings on this 11-song treasure that may leave listeners teary-eyed and grateful to those who cared enough to make significant noise.

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