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Album Review: Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter | Northeast



Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter | Northeast


Sara Milonovich’s Northeast throws down the country gauntlet, representing a rural heartache to rival any Nashvillian, sad-luck troubadour. These are tales of the north country hinterlands that seem to forever maintain the status of soon-to-be ghost towns—the blue-collar farming communities suffering the hard life in dogged perseverance. The songs portray the anguish gracefully, channeling the personal experiences of Milonovich’s youth. The Beacon-area musician harnesses the weight of honest gravity and combines it with an ever-hopeful, yet unrequited yearning. In this time of the great divide, her tenderness gifts us the treasure of compassion ultimately leading to empathy. The musicianship is superb, and, somewhat ironically, joyfully free. The voices haunt melodic fiddles as they swirl in smoke. The pluck and twill of strings weave around the beat as it barrels into the tragic and beautiful crush of human frailty. A worthy companion as you ride past the roots and dreams of America.

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