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Album Review: Richard Carr | Places I’ve Walked



Richard Carr | Places I've Walked

(Ravello Records)

Rosendale-based multi-instrumentalist Richard Carr has an impressive pedigree as a multi-instrumentalist and composer, including works recorded with Bill Laswell, Sly & Robbie, Alan Dawson, and many more. Places I've Walked plays seamlessly from track to track as a celebration of a journey between realms, genres, and experiences, achieving grandiloquent goals without being pompous, a four-part deep meditation of sorts on life, travel, and other themes. Eleven other local musicians help create the music throughout. Joakim Lartey's percussion on "Cordillera Blanca" is a highlight, as is the searching Gus Mancini alto and Ben Carr (Richard's son) bass interplay on the Mingus- and Coltrane- reminiscent "Avenue C Rainstorm"; Peter Head (Pitchfork Militia) even lends homemade instruments to some tracks. Lush with feeling and atmosphere, this release is perfect for taking along on a meandering trip on a foggy Sunday in the Catskills—just don't daydream too much while driving.

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