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Album Review: Rechorduroys Self-Titled Debut



Rechorduroys | Rechorduroys

(Five Kill Records)

With a lush yet relentless sound, Troy's Rechorduroys are the ideal soundtrack for a Hudson Valley summer. The six-player outfit features veterans from vital Capital Region combos Pony in the Pancake and Party Boat. Their self-titled debut has a tension between the wispy, melancholic vocals of singer Benjamin Garrett backed by a buoyant mix of surf rock, country undertones, and gently forceful indie rock musical palette. The opening track, "Two Stones," begins with a twangy slide guitar line layered into a plush bed of reverb and eventually builds into a fuzz-toned march before dissolving into a skeletal resolution. "If It's True" is a real vocal highlight for Garrett; on this ballad of unrequited love, he conjures up some of the whispery dissolution that made Big Star's 3rd so compelling. Fans of dream pop, surf, power pop, and roots music will find lots to like here.

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