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Album Review: Johnny Irion | Driving Friend



Johnny Irion Driving Friend
(Black Wing Music)

Stuck in traffic in the Holland Tunnel. The car is wet and chilled from the October rain. The news of psychotic package bombs fades into static as we creep into the deep. I put on Driving Friend and am transported to Highway One somewhere between Santa Barbara and Venice. Even though the sun is out, there is a hint of nostalgic melancholy and an underlying wistfullness. Not everyone feels it. Some listen more carefully and take time to ponder as they watch the sun set into the darkening Pacific. These are ideal songs for turning wheels. Life, death, and the love trials of a road warrior. Accolades aren’t needed, but would be remiss without the mention of help from members of Western Mass singer-songwriter Irion’s band US Elevator, as well as Dawes, Wilco, the Mother Hips, and his wife and musical partner, Sarah Lee Guthrie. If that is not enough, the man is related to John Steinbeck.

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