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Album Review: Full Spectrum Alliance | Multiverse



Full Spectrum Alliance Multiverse

(FSA Records)

Multiverse: a name befitting for the goulash of unscripted sensations presented by this chance ensemble of musicians—open to source, collectively riding an organic sonic current, temporarily transcending the sea of samsara into a danceable dimension where music self-creates. These songs were played only once, improvised by the players who weighed in for the jam: Stanton Warren on bass and beats, David Donnelly providing vocals and lyrics, Dave Ruigrok on bass, Matthew Fogel on treated electric and synth guitars, AC Voss on Elecktron octatrack sampler and beats, Dan Becevel on flute and bass, and John Boldt on treated Jazz Master guitar. Recorded and engineered by Warren, this heavenly hash morphs through gently rollicking rhythms and trippy cosmic dins with titles such as "Magic Carpet," "DMT," and "Solar Turbulence" that challenge boundaries and alter the mind. If drugs ain't your druthers, this neural mélange might be the mindshift you lack, as shoegaze meets stargaze.

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