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Album Review: Aliza Hava | Natural State



Aliza Hava | Natural State


"I ain't livin' as a whole, locking the door to my soul," belts New Paltz expat Aliza Hava. Hava's had fervent messages of activism and brotherhood behind her ardent, affecting, and ironclad cry since arriving on the scene around 2000. She struggles with the awakening and elevation of humanity while chasing a state of grace that inspires catchy earworms (e.g., the title track's carefree refrain of "la de da da"). Her 2005 debut showcased her immense talents as a soulful songwriter, mighty vocalist, and accomplished guitarist, comfortably slipping her into a powerhouse slot next to legends like Ani DiFranco and Melissa Etheridge. With Natural State, she maintains the same level of folk/rock/pop potency with ballads for paramours ("Moonflower," "Faerietale"), sweet vocal harmonies over radio-ready spirit-pop ("Destiny"), and a rerecorded "Rise," a perennial anthem mulled by time, yet changeless in its raw conviction. Join her weekly on Facebook for live performances to pandemic-benefit charities.

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