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Action From All Directions: The Cancer Full Moon


Last Updated: 01/16/2017 9:07 am
  • Amnada Painter

Today’s Cancer Full Moon takes place in direct contact with several major planets around the zodiac. On one level, it’s a symbolic illustration of how life feels right now: issues pushing and pulling us from all directions, each insisting on immediate action.

The challenging thing about such a situation is often deciding what takes priority. For example: If you’re tuned in to numerous calls for social justice, plus you work a full-time job with many responsibilities, plus you actively foster a creative passion, plus you care for a family, plus you try to keep up with social media, life quickly becomes a real juggling act.

You need to decide on an order of operations. Sometimes that means doing a little of everything daily; other times, that means allotting certain days to focus on some things rather than others. Occasionally you must drop your plan and respond to an unexpected demand; but we live in a world where, increasingly, everything seemingly demands our immediate attention all the time.

That’s a little what this morning’s Full Moon chart looks like to me. The Moon in Cancer opposes the Capricorn Sun at 6:33:55 am EST, with both luminaries at 22+ of their respective signs.

Meanwhile, Eris is at 22+ Aries (with Uranus and Ceres within two degrees on either side). And Jupiter is at 22+ Libra.

All four cardinal signs hosting objects at the same degree makes a formation called a grand cardinal cross (the cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). It’s a brief grand cross, since the Moon moves through fairly quickly. But it’s still a strong and striking pattern, and something you’ve likely been feeling as the Moon has gradually made its way into formation over the course of yesterday.

Additional planets also in (or almost in) degree 22+ of their signs include Juno and Saturn at 22+ Sagittarius, and Chiron at 21+ Pisces.

These bodies make a combination of harmonious and challenging aspects to planets on the cardinal grand cross. Broadly speaking, this adds to the sense of ‘everything, all at once’ you might be feeling -- yet it also might be offering you subtle ways to work it all out. Like when you come to a blocked-off road, and then suddenly notice a small "detour" sign pointing out an unexpected route.

It’s worth looking around for the equivalent of one of those signs, since this cardinal grand cross is about taking initiative. You have to start somewhere, right?

The first few degrees of the cardinal signs—called the Aries Point—are particularly powerful in their ability to signify events where personal and collective (or political) interests intersect and are magnified. Today’s Full Moon is not an Aries Point event, because it takes place too far into the cardinal signs. Yet the personal/political bells still seem to be ringing, particularly here in the US.

We’re in an especially charged time of transition between Presidents. Transitions can be edgy situations anyway; add a Full Moon, and the edgy factor gets amplified considerably. Place that transition in a season of tremendous polarization, uncertainty and high emotions, and it can be hard to know where and how to channel all the energy.

To deal with it, it’s essential to stay in touch with your highest priorities and your deepest guiding principles. That can take practice. Once in a while, you’ll receive an especially profound reminder: something that re-centers you, or helps you feel some greater truth that allows things of lesser importance to move to the background—at least, temporarily.

You might have experienced just such a reminder, revelation or other lesson this weekend as Mercury stationed direct in Sagittarius. Mercury has since been moving forward very, very slowly through the last two degrees of that sign. Today, less than three hours after the Full Moon, Mercury re-enters Capricorn—landing in the first degree of Cap, also known as the Aries Point.

This is a suggestion to remember what you’ve just learned these last three weeks, particularly earlier this week. When you stay aware of what you’ve learned, including what you’ve realized you do not know, you’re in a better position to take action. And action is at the heart of what the current astrology is emphasizing.

If you’re not sure what to do, think for a moment about the reflective quality of a Full Moon: it shines the light of the unseen Sun back to us, illuminating the dark. With the Moon in caring Cancer today, opposing the Sun in Capricorn (with Pluto nearby), notice whether it’s shining light on the ways your personal base, foundation or framework for awareness has been shifting and evolving.

How does that understanding affect your sense of what you can or must do in service of something greater? Who do you see standing with you in that imperative toward action? If you encountered some deeply profound truth or seemingly cosmic inspiration recently, you may already feel it guiding you toward your next steps.

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