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Accelerate, with Precision


"Artemis Emerging from the Quarry," a mural by Gaia on the back of Backstage Studio Productions theater this week as part of the O+ Festival in Uptown Kingston, NY. - ERIC FRANCIS COPPOLINO
  • Eric Francis Coppolino
  • "Artemis Emerging from the Quarry," a mural by Gaia on the back of Backstage Studio Productions theater this week as part of the O+ Festival in Uptown Kingston, NY.

Our current astrology is about acceleration. The Moon is now waxing toward a Full Moon eclipse in the sign Aries, which happens October 18. Eclipses often come with the sensation of concentrated experience, events speeding up and a sense of destiny or fate in operation.

The mid-Libra Sun is applying in a square aspect to Jupiter in Cancer, exact October 12. This looks like some emotional/relational drama, with the principle of balance (via Libra) pushing up against the tendency to over-feel and run in cycles (Cancer). It's necessary to honor both and to remember that you cannot smooth out the surface of water with a canoe paddle.

Venus, which is often cautious and tends to speak second, is now in Sagittarius, a more freewheeling sign than many others—and Venus is headed for a square to Chiron, which is emotive, given to taking risks, and is anything but cautious. This is a reminder to stick to your values; they are your guiding principles. But if your principles back you into a corner, this is a time to reevaluate rather than overreact.

Venus square Chiron likes to push limits and can have a tendency to be so emotionally driven as to suspend judgment. The quest may be for an emotional high, sexual power or just the need to have fun. Yet where Chiron is involved, it's necessary to engage the sentient part of one's mind—the part that actually makes conscious decisions about what you do and do not want to do. If not, the Venus-Chiron square can have a sense of emotional injury. In this case, the opposite of injury would be integrity.

Perhaps most significantly, we are about to experience the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares, the generation-defining aspect involving two of the most potent outer planets. This spans from 2012-2015 with a margin of at least three years on either side of that date range. The fourth event, the epicenter of the whole series, is within range now, and will be exact on November 1. The series of Uranus-Pluto aspects is about acceleration of the historical process, the chaos factor and the drive to change that we are all experiencing so poignantly now.

To sum up, we're experiencing many energetic, compelling aspects at the moment and, like using a chain saw or a welding torch, this kind of power demands precision, control and focus. If not, there can be mishaps, opportunities lost and time and energy wasted.

Mars is currently in the last degrees of Leo, which is slippery and a little dangerous. It's fiery Mars in a fire sign working the edge of the territory. That alone calls for precision and thoughtfulness when it's more likely to signify bravado, risk-taking and a bit of macho.

It's also a comment on subject matter relating to male gender material. For example, there is the question: what is the relationship between sexism and male homophobia? One possible contact point is that male homophobia involves a man's relationship to his inner feminine, as does his relationship to women. By one analysis, homophobia and sexism are the same thing—with inner and outer manifestations.

Mars will slide through the last degrees of Leo and arrive in Virgo on Tuesday, October 15. Here is where some precision enters the picture, though you don't want it to be too late. I suggest you get ahead of this transit, and focus on the details early, as annoying as they may be.

This theme is repeated by Mercury, which is slowing down to a retrograde that begins on October 21. Some have noticed that the effect is starting to take hold, now that Mercury is in its first echo phase ahead of the retrograde; that's happening now, as Mercury crosses the degrees where it will be retrograde (from October 21 through November 11).

Mercury stations retrograde within a couple of days of the Full Moon eclipse in Aries on October 18 (which also happens to be the deadline for the debt ceiling limit). The world may be going crazy, but you don't have to—or at least you can use a little planning, and just a bit of caution, to prevent mishaps and keep focused on your plan. If you don't have one of those, I do suggest you make one up, and keep it flexible.

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