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Abigail Thomas's Three-Dog Life

Leader of the Pack



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“Rich and I don’t make conversation; we exchange tidbits, how well we’ve slept, what was for breakfast. We are stripped down to our most basic selves. No static, no irony, no nuance. Once in a while Rich says something that takes my breath away: ‘I feel like a tent that wants to be a kite, tugging at my stakes,’ he said one day, out of a clear blue sky. He was lying in a hospital bed, but his eyes were joyous. In some ways, we are simply an old married couple, catapulted into the wordless phase ahead of time. An old pal of mine used to extol the virtues of basic body warmth in the days when I was more into the heat, but now I understand. Rich and I sit together, we hold hands; we are warm-blooded creatures in a quiet space, and that’s all the communication we need.”

Abigail Thomas will read on September 9 at 5pm, at Joshua’s in Woodstock. Sponsored by The Golden Notebook. (845) 679-8000; www.goldennotebook.com.

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