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A Poem: San Francisco Sanderson


Ken Sanderson is from San Francisco.
And those who know him like to call him “San Francisco Sam.”
Ken likes this nickname, but he prefers “Sanderson.”
So, those THAT KNOW San Francisco Sam or (San Francisco Sanderson) if
you prefer,
Sam is the future.
Sam believes this too, being the future.
Sam is manufactured under license and his “future,” being himself, is
also patented.

San Francisco Sanderson©

Pretty damn cool, huh?!
Well, I think so and so does everyone who knows Sam.

Sam is having an art show at the department of motor vehicles on Friday.
I really don’t know how-the-hell he managed that, but that’s Sam for you.
Those officials in charge would not let Sam have a live acoustic set
to accompany his show.
We all thought this was a little sad, but not too sad, because—
There would be complementary wine to drink.
Why the department of motor vehicles would allow that
And not a live set is beyond me, but Okie dokey I thought.

Sam’s paintings, if they can be called paintings, contain
A minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber.
Sam considers this fiber to be “moral” in nature.
Sam really IS the future!
Pretty damn cool, huh?
Sometimes I wish I could be an artist like Sam.
Sometimes, those that know him, think this too,
But no one mentions this to Sam.
They usually just drink the wine
And stand around the white walls smiling a lot, if they could be
called “smilings.”

Smilings? I just made that up, like paintings.
Sam might like that too, but back to Sam.
Sam does not charge anyone to see his work.
He only asks that you call him Sanderson,
More often than Sam.
He would greatly appreciate it,


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