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A Poem: Older Now



older now

a bit worn out

the soul a sea in constant storm

the childhood passions still alive

in skewed and often crooked forms

older now

and wiser, too

wary of the proper rules

the do's and don't's, the protocol

the space between the sage and fool

fine where I am

and free to be

adrift in clouded skies

tethered by

a formless string

I wonder as I fly

older now

unwilling to

remit what's left of passion's cry

want to race, to dare, to dream

until the time my spirit flies

and that is fine

and true. and good

a finish line for all to cross

mind and spirit

lofty, free

to gain what has been lost

older now

the day is passed

for frantic youth's frenetic song

the actions slow. the words withdraw

we live, we move along.

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