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A Poem: Autumn Ocean Midnight Muse



copper luster moon half full

low and nesting on a cotton cloud

sailing on the silhouette

of the darkened dunes horizon

ever steady sounding surf

arrests the rhythm of my breathing

vast unending sea of stars

tows me up through timeless awe

I'm easily forgotten here

beach bound brother of the hungry gull

stilled—I listen for the turning

of the heavens' hidden wheels

soon comes wafting on midnight's breeze

the muses' mystic melodies

their great and godly rosined bow

smoothly sweetly sliding strokes

the taught and eager strings of my soul

effusing tunes the sounds of grace

of mystery—of grand design

of Love—the Source of space and time

I need the muse—the muse needs me

between us—Evolution's deal

the man yearns toward divinity

the muse needs hearing to be real.

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