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Chronogram's 25th Birthday Party 


Chronogram Turns 25!

Saturday, November 10
Fuller Building, 45 Pine Grove Avenue, Kingston
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Improbable as it seems—for a variety of reasons to do with the general viability of print media, others related to the simple irreconcilability of the mind to the passage of time—Chronogram turns 25 next month. What started as the idealistic, hare-brained scheme of two 20-somethings—Amara Projansky and Jason Stern—to create a publication that would unify the cultural landscape of the Mid-Hudson Valley, has evolved into a multimedia company still committed to its core mission to stimulate and support the creative and cultural life of the region. Despite the stormy weather buffeting the media landscape, we are still sailing along, buoyed by the support of our community of readers and clients.

To celebrate our good fortune, we're throwing the Chronogram community a little birthday party. Please join us on Saturday, November 10 (8pm to midnight), when we'll be taking over the top floor of the Fuller Building, a historic landmark in Midtown Kingston. There'll be music, dancing, a light show, birthday cake—and a very short speech by the editor. (The partially renovated space is pictured above; by the time of our birthday party, it will be a dazzling 8,000 square feet of blushing blond wood.)

I want to tell you briefly about the amazing space we've secured for the soiree. The Fuller Building is a project of architect Scott Dutton, an adaptive reuse specialist who is in the midst of rehabbing the massive 67,000-square-foot building which formerly housed the Fuller Shirt Factory. Like many towns on the Hudson River, Kingston was once a vibrant manufacturing center. The Fuller Shirt Factory at its peak employed 500 people at its Pine Street location. The building, which has been vacant for decades, is now in the midst of a renaissance, with Dutton building studio and office spaces for creative enterprises. Our 25th birthday party will be a coming-out party of sorts for the revitalized Fuller Building, and we hope you join us on November 10 to celebrate Chronogram and the ongoing rehabilitation of the Hudson Valley toward a brighter future. Save the date and buy your tickets today.

—Brian K. Mahoney