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Last Updated: 11/06/2020 6:39 pm
  • All images courtesy Sunflower Market

With states continuing to encourage social distancing amid the ongoing pandemic, the holidays are definitely going to look a lot different this year. For many people, that means  cherished food traditions might be changing too. If your tried-and-true Thanksgiving dinner for 20 is off the table, there are still plenty of ways to make a holiday meal work for you and your family this year.

For advice on how to rethink your Thanksgiving menu during the pandemic, we turned to Sunflower Market, a go-to for healthy, local food in the Hudson Valley since 1978. Read on for three menu options, plus recipes and tips for planning your meal.

  • All images courtesy Sunflower Market

The Intimate Classic

This menu is perfect for anyone who wants to scale down their meal, but still serve the dishes everyone knows and loves.

If you have fewer than ten people coming to dinner start by selecting a smaller bird, the size of which you can estimate by calculating one pound of turkey per person. This year, Sunflower has turkeys that start at eight pounds from Hidden Camp Farm in Canajoharie and Farmer Focus' community of farms in the Virginias, both of which are available for pre-order. First time cooking a turkey? Sunflower’s basic brine and roasting recipe has you covered.

Pair with:

Superfood Stuffing with Goji Berries and Hemp Seeds

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

  • All images courtesy Sunflower Market

The Vegetarian-Friendly

Designing a Thanksgiving meal with no meat-eaters around? Sweet freedom! For your main, you can go the traditional route with a frozen vegan holiday roast like those from brands like Gardein, Field Roast, or Tofurky that are quick and easy to prepare. Or you can break out of the faux meat category with a main that still taps into the seasonal spirit like savory Vegan Shepherd’s Pie or umami-rich Mushroom Soup.

Pair with:

Parmesan Corn Pudding

Green Bean Skillet Casserole with Farro and Mushrooms

Spiced Maple Pecan Pumpkin Bread


The Prepared Foods Win

If cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner isn’t your thing, but you’re still hankering for a classic holiday meal head on over to the prepared foods aisles. Quick-cooking or easily reheated dishes are a slam-dunk when it comes to supplementing your menu and streamlining your  Thanksgiving dinner.

Since your main dish is often the most time-consuming part of the meal, Sunflower recommends opting for a package of pre-portioned turkey drumsticks or breasts (which you can buy raw or pre-cooked) that their butcher counter is preparing more of this year. Even if you choose to roast your own, individual drumsticks or breasts will cook in a fraction of the time of a full turkey.

Pair with quick-cooking or easily reheated sides and desserts, like any of these that you can find at Sunflower:

Gluten-Free Stuffing from Olivia's Croutons

Simply Organic Vegan Gravy Powder or Tofurky frozen gravy

Sunflower’s Prepared Cranberry Sauce, Stuffed Bell Peppers, or Herbed Butternut Squash
Vegan or Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie from local bakery, Bearsville Bakers

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