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2018 Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival


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Most of us these days are familiar with big music festivals—Coachella, Bonnaroo, and the like. Yet, what about something geared more toward the modern spiritual seeker, or perhaps the yoga enthusiast—or both, for that matter? Does such an event exist? Indeed, it does! Ahimsa Music Festival is such a scene. Started by music industry veteran Bernie Walters and his yoga teacher wife Katherine Walters, Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival succeeds in gathering spiritually uplifting musicians and yoga teachers under one roof to share their gifts.

Inspired by his wife, Walters started Om Planet Music Management, representing artists singing kirtan and spiritual music. This led to the creation of the festival. The name of the festival, Ahimsa, is the yogic principle of nonviolence toward all living things. The Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival, which started six years ago as a one-day event, has grown into a three-day long festival. "We've been fortunate to have great turnouts and smooth operations for the past five years," says Walters. 

Hosted in the bucolic setting of the Hunter Mountain lodge on November 2-4, the changing of the seasons and colorful falling leaves serve as a beautiful backdrop for this event. "Everyone seems to leave feeling connected, rejuvenated and inspired every year," says Walters. No surprise, given the broad array of workshops available to attendees, from yoga (Kundalini, Bhakti, Vinyasa, Hatha, and more) to meditation to Ayurveda to hoop dancing. Evening events such as a drum circle and a DJ dance party are also on the menu for this spirit-lifting shindig. "We are trying to create an event that demonstrates how we can all compassionately interact," says Walters.

If you have attended a yoga class in this decade you may have heard one or more of the artists performing at Ahimsa on your instructor's playlist. This fusion festival of rhythm, movement, and healing arts will feature 12 main musical acts and 80 workshops with 40 different presenters including yoga music superstars like Krishna Das, Wah, and MC Yogi.

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival returns November 2-4.


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