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Hudson's Elvis Perkins Releases Benefit Single


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Elvis Perkins - FIONN REILLY
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It’s been a while since I checked in with one of Columbia County’s finest, Elvis Perkins (I profiled him for the March 2016 issue of Chronogram).

During the leadup to a set of live dates that took place over the weekend in Washington, DC, Boston, and Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter and fellow musicians Sam Cohen and Josh Kaufman released a new single (“There Go the Nightmericans”; the B side, “Clockwork,” was previously released by Cohen). Proceeds raised from the tracks’ sales will benefit resistance-activist reserve the Emergent Fund—a much-needed resource in light of the present administration’s assault on democracy.

“The question of what to do about the walking nightmares currently in the high seats of American power has for a year now borne heavy on my mind, too (surprise),” says Perkins. “Desperate times calling for all manner of desperate measure, here we have a Hail-Mary’d wakeup call to their presumably only shallowly buried better selves, pitched from the recess of a song they very well may never hear. At its center is a guided meditation for those who wish to participate in expelling what nightmares may be driving Mr. Trump and his enablers.”

Here’s Perkins performing “There Go the Nightmericans” live last July:

To download the tracks and learn more, visit For more information on the Emergent Fund, visit

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