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Shana Falana Unveils Uplifting Music Video

Shana Falana - FIONN REILLY
  • Fionn Reilly
  • Shana Falana
For many musicians, making the statements about social change that are so direly needed at the present can be a tricky thing. If you’re not Pete Seeger or Phil Ochs, how do you comment on such stuff without it feeling forced? Sometimes, it seems, the right song is already there, right under your nose — it just didn’t occur to you in quite that way when you were writing it. So it is with Kingston’s psych-pop songstress Shana Falana, who just debuted a new video for “Cool Kids,” a track off her 2016 album Here Comes the Wave. “This song, which I wrote last year, is about embracing yourself and letting go of judgements against others,” she says. “At my shows recently I’ve been sewing felt hearts onto people’s clothing and asking them to make a pledge to be more vulnerable, empathetic, and to actively take care of others in their communities.” Here’s the epically uplifting video for “Cool Kids,” which costars many members of our own Hudson Valley community: Shana Falana is on tour in the US starting November 2. For show dates and more information, visit

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