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Composer Unveils Site-Specific Piece in Garrison


Improvising flutist and composer Suzanne Thorpe has long straddled the worlds of experimental music and alternative rock. A founding member of local cult faves Mercury Rev, she’s also worked with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr and the late Pauline Oliveros. This month at Manitoga AKA the Russel Wright Design Center, Thorpe will present Resonance & Resemblance, “a sonic performance and meditation” created specifically for the site. “In a time when difference is often used to instigate division from each other and our environment, it is important to recognize that our boundaries are more porous than we think,” says Thorpe, a Mills College graduate and University of California San Diego instructor. “Through sound and active listening, Resonance & Resemblance creates space to explore our interconnectedness and entanglement with each other, and our surroundings.” Here’s a 2014 piece by Thorpe, Listening Is As Listening Does: Suzanne Thorpe will present Resonance & Resemblance at Manitoga/the Russel Wright Design Center in Garrison, New York, on September 30 at 3pm. The event includes a landscape soundwalk prelude, followed by a seated listening meditation. Tickets are $45 ($20 children 18 and under; $35 for Manitoga members; $125 benefit includes private reception with Thorpe). For more information, call (845) 424-3812 or visit

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