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Tin Horn Uprising Makes a Joyful Noise



Tin Horn Uprising
  • Tin Horn Uprising

The current political climate has launched a wave of protest not seen in America since the 1960s, and with the advent of the Internet displays of dissent are being manifested in all kinds of creative ways. But although petitions, direct correspondence with governmental representatives, letters to publication editors, boycotts, and other methods can be very effective tools for getting the point across, old-fashioned, nonviolent, boots-on-the-ground/sign-in-the-hand public rallies and marches are still imperative. And if you’re marching, how great is it to have a stirring live musical soundtrack? Enter the local activist brass marching band Tin Horn Uprising.

Recalling the revolutionary brass bands of Europe and named in honor of the Tin Horn Rebellion, which took place in upstate New York during the 1839-1946 Anti-Renter movement, the Kingston-based collective “support[s] actions, marches, rallies, and events across the Hudson Valley.” Perhaps, like me, you're among the thousands of protestors at recent anti-Trump and pro-Affordable Care Act rallies in New Paltz, Kinderhook, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and other Hudson Valley cities who've been uplifted and inspired by their jubilant din.

“We are currently looking for opportunities to join your work, and are always looking for new band members—which includes banner holders, dancers, puppeteers, and flag wavers,” says the open-to-all band’s website. “As we step into this New Year and new regime, we ask you to dust off your clarinet, trombone or marching snare-drum, pull your high school marching band uniform from the attic, and once again sound the call for political action with us.”

Here’s a link to Tin Horn Uprising’s Facebook page, which has videos of the group in action at various gatherings:


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