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Eastern European Folk Invades Kingston



Blato Zlato
  • Blato Zlato

Hudson Valley music fans know the winters here can be thin when it comes to the live stuff. Most touring bands are off the road until the spring, and even many local musicians use the season as a time to hole up and record or work on new tunes. But this folksy bill at BSP on January 12 would be a winner no matter what time of year it was booked: Blato Zlato, Sekanjabin, and G-String Orchestra.

Although Blato Zlato is tagged as “everyone’s favorite Turkish reggae band in the Hudson Valley” on the club’s website, to these ears that’s a bit misleading. The music I’ve checked out by the group is firmly in the Balkan string band tradition, and very well done—though if they are indeed experimenting with such Caribbean/Black Sea hybrids I’m certainly intrigued. A much bigger ensemble—twelve pieces to Blato Zlato’s usual six—Sekanjabin is based in New Paltz and similarly mines belly dance-friendly Middle Eastern and Eastern European forms, as does G-String Orchestra, who've been welcome performers at Mower’s flea market in Woodstock in years past.

Surrender here to Blato Zlato live in 2015:

Blato Zlato, Sekanjabin, and G-String Orchestra will perform at BSP in Kingston, New York, on January 12 at 8pm. A $10 donation is suggested. For more information, call (845) 481-5158 or visit http://bspkingston.com/.

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