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Artist’s New Work Forum Presents: “I Do Too” by Nina Shengold



This newly released screenplay by Nina Shengold is about a wedding that is nothing if not non-traditional. A staged reading of the show directed by Janet Grillo will be presented October 26, at Rosendale Theatre.

The comedy takes the audience into the life of a single woman, who plans on marrying her soulmate after attending her brother’s nontraditional wedding. This mystery soulmate’s name? He doesn’t have one. Why? He doesn’t exist. She plans her own nontraditional wedding, without the groom to top the cake. Enter a potential “Mr. Maybe-Right,” and hilarity ensues.

The reading will feature Mary Gallagher, Mikhail Horowitz, Robert Burke Warren, Hannah Munson, Tim Bruck, Dannah Chaifetz, and others as cast members.

Nina Shengold is a Writers Guild Award-winner for her teleplay Labor of Love, and has written other TV movies—Blind Spot, Unwed Father, and Double Platinum. She is also a non fiction and novel writer, and has written numerous plays, as well as work within theatre anthologies. She is a founding member of Ulster County’s theatre company Actors and Writers. Janet Grillo is an Emmy Award-winning producer and former studio executive, whose work includes the film Fly Away and HBO’s Autism: the Musical.

The show begins at 7:15 pm, admission is free.

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