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Wilna and Nan: Two Woodstock Originals



Wilna Hervy and Nan Mason were Woodstock residents whose party habits and extravagant lifestyle are a thing of legend. Even upon being diagnosed with a host of medical problems and urged by her doctor to stop drinking and smoking—Wilna partied on. But good parties and glamour aren’t the only things that Wilna and Nan’s legacy consists of. The couple also left behind an abundance of art, namely enamel paintings and watercolors. These treasures will be showcased at the James Cox Gallery in Woodstock, with the opening reception held on Friday, July 10. Besides their own artwork, the exhibit will also feature vintage photographs from Wilna’s days as a star of the Toonerville Trolley silent movies, professional portraits of the couple as young women, and candid photos taken over the course of their 59 year partnership.

The gallery will also be hosting a Full Moon party on July 31, a tradition started by Wilna and Nan nearly 80 years ago. Attendees are encouraged to wear artful costumes and carry lanterns when entering and exiting the property.

“Wilna Hervey and Nan Mason: Two Woodstock Originals” will continue though August 2. The James Cox Gallery at Woodstock is located at 4666 Route 212, Willow, NY.
For more information call (845) 679-7608 or email info@jamescoxgallery.com.

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