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Michael Benedict's Bopitude Jams in Catskill



Michael Benedict
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For a town with such potential—nice layout, cool historic buildings—Catskill, at least in the decade I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley, has been majorly frustrating when it comes to anything hip or arts-related. Yes, there are a few cool artsy shops that have popped up on Main Street recently (what’s up with that guitar store? Is it ever open?). But it still seems like the municipality is content to stick with its Wal-Mart and speed traps (instantly dropping from 40 to 25mph half way across the west-bound lane of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge? Hmm...) as its main income generators, rather than make any serious efforts to cultivate the kind of artistic community that usually leads to economic revival. That said, new venue the Bridge Street Theater is a welcome exception to this conundrum. On November 22, the space and the organization known as JAZZ one2one will co-host a concert by the acclaimed quintet Bopitude.

Led by drummer Michael Benedict, for this date Bopitude will play music composed by the great trumpeter Kenny Dorham. Besides Benedict on traps, the current lineup of the band features saxophonist Brian Patnueade, trumpeter Chris Pasin, bassist Mike Lawrence, and pianist Jon LeRoy.

Here’s a rather distant, but nonetheless compelling, clip of an earlier edition of Bopitude playing live:

Bopitude will present the music of Kenny Dorham at the Bridge Street Theater in Catskill, New York, on November 22 at 8pm. Tickets are $10. (Chris Pasin performs on December 6.) For tickets and information, call (518) 945-2669 or visit www.PlanetArts.org.

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