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Woodstock Film Festival: "The Last Time You Had Fun"


The Last Time You Had Fun is a four-way Freudian case history. It's also a movie version of one of those "A Frenchman, a Jew, a Mexican and a psychiatrist walk into a bar..." jokes. (In fact, it's a "A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher and a housewife walk into a bar...")

Clark gets divorced — because his wife realizes she's gay — and that evening his best friend, Will, arrives with a stretch limo to take him to a "divorce party," the inverse of a bachelor party. But Clark refuses to visit a strip club, instead choosing a tepid wine bar. He buys a drink for a gorgeous blonde (Ida) and soon she and her sister Alison join the two guys for an awkward fiesta in the stretch limo.

Here's what the movie believes: 1) No marriage is stable. 2) In fact, nothing is stable. (We create rituals in our lives to convince us that the world's predictable, but really everything changes every 17 minutes.) 3) A happy marriage is an oxymoron. 4) What we call "maturity" is mostly repression. 5) It's easier for four people to fall in love than two.

I'm begging the producer: "Make a sequel!"

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