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Darren Aronofsky To Receive Maverick Award at Woodstock Film Festival




Academy Award winning actresses Natalie Portman and Jennifer Connelly co-present the honorary Maverick Award to famed director Darren Aronofsky on October 18 at Backstage Studio Productions. Complimenting the Woodstock Film Festival the Maverick Award Ceremony honors individuals whose life is dedicated to, and driven by creativity, independent vision, and social activism. The ceremony will also feature presentations of winning filmmakers and honorary recipients.

Portman and Connelly have both been star actresses in Aronofsky’s films. Connelly played a role in Aronofsky’s in Requiem for a Dream and the recently released Noah. Requiem for a Dream was named in the Top Ten list in numerous publications such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly in 2000. Noah has grossed more than $343 world-wide. Connolly won the academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2012 for her role in A Beautiful Mind. Natalie Portman starred in Aronofsky’s 2010 thriller, Black Swan, in which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2011. Black Swan grossed $328 million worldwide and swept away the 2011 Independent Sprit Awards with wins for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Cinematography.

Aronofsky is applauded for his filmography work of Noah, Black Swan, The Wrestler, and The Fountain and living a life dedicated to creativity. During the ceremony Aronofsky will participate in a panel conversation with freelance film critic and journalist Logan Hill, who contributes to The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Glamour. The ceremony will also applaud Mark Durplass (Creep, The Puffy Chair, Jeff Who Lives at Home) as he will be the first to receive the annual Fiercely Independent Award. The ceremony will follow with a series of presentations of awards for Best Feature Narrative, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Narrative, Best Short Documentary, Best Student Short, the Animation Award, the James Lyons Editing Award, the Diane Seligman Awards, the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography, the Tangerine Entertainment Juice Award for Best Female Director and newly added Ultra Indie Award.

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