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Enzo's Ristorante & Pizza in Kingston: Gluten-free pizza & family friendly



Enzo’s Ristorante and Pizza at 207 Boices Lane is one of those places that I have driven by a million times, but never stopped at until two months ago. Earlier this year I went to a kids birthday party at MAC Park and pizza was served. Just as all the kids were getting their slices, one mom presented her son with his very own personal pizza which looked really good. Her son has a gluten-allergy, and she told me that she had stopped by Enzo’s Pizza to pick up a gluten-free pizza for her son so he wouldn’t have to miss out on the pizza. She told me to check out Enzo’s for their food too. I made mental note to try it next time we had a craving for a family pizza night out.

When we finally made it to Enzo’s. It was very lively and crowded so I was happy that the server was able to seat us in a large booth in the back where it was quiet. It’s a very spacious and welcoming dining space.

We ordered a medium pepperoni pizza, Chicken Manhattan for my husband, an antipasto salad, and a grilled chicken salad, and two cups of soup. (I tasted 27 cupcakes at the Gardiner Cupcake Festival as a media judge a few hours prior so I was not very hungry, but I was craving a savory dish). The grilled chicken salad with Sante Fe rolls was perfect: fresh guacamole, very tender chicken over greens. I gave the egg rolls to my husband. We had plenty of pizza to take home as it is thick crust style and filling. Our server was very friendly, and our food came out quickly. While we didn’t try the gluten-free pizza, I have heard that it is very good, and the menu also offers other good gluten-free options. I’d recommend Enzo’s if you are looking for a friendly pizza place with gluten-free options. They also have a micro-brewery there. The bill was $41 which I thought was very reasonable considering the amount of food we ate and the good quality. Do check them out!

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