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Breezy Hill Orchard's Annual Spring Wassail



This deliciously musical night is in celebration of the ancient Celtic ritual Wassail, intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest. We’ll sing to the apple trees to ensure bountiful pickings, with headliner the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band, a 12-piece group well known for their production of the Golden Festival in Brooklyn. Seido Salifoski, a Macedonian Roma, will also play with his group Romski Boji and world-renown dance instructor Steve Kotansky leads an afternoon dance workshop. In addition to the wide range of culturally diverse talent, there will be barrel tastings of Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider, featuring the premier of a new bourbon-aged blend of hard cider. The 18th annual festival starts at 2pm on Saturday, May 10 in Staatsburg. (845) 266-3979;

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