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KokoKobi Cafe in Kingston: Decadent Ice cream & Old-fashioned Egg Creams



A friend of mine suggested I check out Kokokobi Cafe on Ulster Avenue in Kingston, assuring me that they were indeed Hudson Valley Good Stuff worthy. I knew I'd find good stuff here since the owner Mr. Kobi owned Chocolate Cheers, a chocolate factory and retail store on Route 28 that closed. (That space is now The Tibetan Center). KokoKobi Cafe location on Ulster Avenue opened in February.

KoKoKobi Cafe has about a dozen different flavors of home-made ice cream, and a few sorbest, including an avocado one that was very good. The ice creams remind me of gelato as it is very thick and creamy. My kids loved the strawberry sorbet. Mr. Kobi is very patient. With so many delicious options it can take time for a kid to decide what flavor to get. I could have stayed there all afternoon tasting all the decadent ice creams. We decided on the Young Frankenstein Vanilla Orio Cookie Ice Cream. Maybe when we have something to celebrate, we'll go all out and The Unreal Koko-Split for $18.

As you can see from the menu, the ice parfaits and sundaes are a little pricier than other ice cream places in the area, but Mr. Kobi uses all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives, and sells hand-made chocolates. He also serves house-brewed sodas, hand-brewed espresso, and New York Egg Cream. There is something here for everyone with a sweet tooth!

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