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ShamROCK Fest II at BSP on Sunday


Pogues tribute band County Hell
  • Pogues tribute band County Hell

I don't go in for the tweedly-idly music—the blarney and the clover and the Irish rover; all that twee fiddling and keening and lamenting about the plight of the poor, persecuted Irish. Yet as my name (Brian Keiran Mahoney)suggests, I am of Irish extraction. My grandfather, Patrick O'Mahony came across on a boat in 1921 after he and his brothers ran afoul of the Black and Tans, a British militia fighting the IRA. (So now you know what you're ordering, fine sons and daughters of Ireland, when you order a Black and Tan.)

But just because I don't like the mandolin and the Clancy Brothers doesn't mean I don't love to rock out to Thin Lizzy, U2, or that most glorious and shambolic of Irish bands, the Pogues. (Frontman Shane McGowan could keep a team of dentists at work round-the-clock for weeks. And a liver specialist undoubtedly.)

After the Shamrock Run and the St. Patrick's Day parade in Kingston on Sunday, BSP will host its second annual ShamROCK Fest, featuring The Ruffians, MacCana, the T-McCann band, and Pogues tribute band County Hell. The Gaelic revelry begins at 4pm. It's $10 to get in.

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