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Get Juiced in Red Hook: Juices, kale chips & a healthy lunch



Get Juiced in Red Hook invited me for lunch last week for a tasting of their most popular dishes. It’s a very inviting small cafe space in Red Hook. Husband and wife team owners Margarita and Carlos Carreras are very welcoming and eager to educate their customers on good nutrition. Margarita has many talents: graphic designer, Kundalini yoga teacher, nutritionist, and savvy juice maker.

When I arrived around 12 noon last Friday, customers were starting to come in for lunch. First I was served the Lean Greenie, which is their most popular smoothie. The creamy taste surprised me a bit. (It’s made of pineapple, banana, spinach, protien, almond milk, fiber, chia, and 8.8 alkaline water). I love how they serve their juices in wine glasses. Next came, a steaming bowl of “The Cure” soup, which is a puree of garli onion seet potato leeks, carrots, black pepper & a pinch of cayenne. It was very soothing. I can imagine that this could help someone fend off a cold. I tried the kale chips that were very crunchy and not chewy like the ones I’ve tried making at home. (The chips aren’t baked, but they go through a special dehydration prep and then are seasoned with red pepper, sunflower seeds, Himalayan salt, and cayenne pepper).

Then I tried their famous Kale salad that was topped with a veggie burger made from brown rice, mushrooms, eggplant, cashews, garbonzo beans and other veggies. It was all delicious. I also tried Carlito’s Way wrap (feta cheese, spinach, beans, avocado). I finished everything, which was substantial, but I didn’t have that bloated feeling I get sometimes when I have a big lunch. The vegetarian lunch at Get Juiced definitely gave me an energy boost that I needed on a slushy cold Friday.

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